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First to understand the needs of the customers, listen to the customer with an open mind.
Recruitment Company Profile Contacts Digital Map


      Sales representative

      Job responsibilities: 
      1, responsible for the company's products sales and promotion; 
      2, according to the marketing plan, finish the sales target; 
      3, open up new markets, develop new customers, increase product sales range; 
      4, responsible for market information collection jurisdiction and competitor analysis; 
      5, responsible for the sales area sales activities planning and execution, complete the sales task; 
      6 between the management and maintenance of customer relationship and customer long-term strategic cooperation plan.


      1, college degree or above, marketing or related major; 
      2, 1-2 years working experience in sales industry, performance prominent priority; 
      3, responsive, and expression ability is strong, have strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity; 
      4, have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service consciousness; 
      5, responsible, can work under high pressure; 
      6, has the team cooperation spirit, good at challenge.

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