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18 a 4 in 1 full color lamp
Effect light

Each LED the theory of life expectancy of 50000-100000 hours, unlimited RGB color blending system

Upgrade appearance using cast aluminum lamp body structure design and wind cooling system, good heat dissipation performance

High-speed electronic control stroboscopic can reach 1 to 25 times/SEC or random stroboscopic; Uniform system of RGB color mixture and rainbow effect, can be obtained by adjusting the color temperature control station

More rich and colorful color;

Suitable for: a television studio, theater, opera house, auditorium, runway, stage, concerts, concert venues such as the background light and stage design

Area of dyeing the revolutionary of lamps and lanterns (completely replace traditional: shake head to dyeing lamp, back light, spot light, soft light, floodlight etc. Large dyeing lamp

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Maximum allowable environment when working temperature: 40 ℃, the highest surface temperature of equipment: 60 ℃

Protection grade: IP20

The shell material: aluminum alloy

The projection distance: 6 m

Light source: super brightness LED, 18 four unity of all lights bead 100000 hours of life

Electronic dimmer from 0-100% (no color), high white or colored, stroboscope, 1-13 hz frequency

The biggest environmental temperature: 40 ℃

The headlight: body temperature 60 ℃

Protocol: the USITT DMX - 512

The control channel: 7

Control mode selection: DMX, trigger automatically

Operation mode: synchronous master-slave machine, single since, voice control

Data input/output: 3 needles for money

The input voltage: 90-250 - v AC, frequency: 47-63 hz

8 a, fuse, TO..

The maximum power: 160 w

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