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330 w moving head beam light
Effect light

Technical parameters:

Voltage: AC110-240 - v, 50 to 60 hz

Total power: 365 w

The light bulb: Philips 330 w

Color temperature: 8000 k

Channel: 18 standard DMX control channel

The light body size: 396 * 390 * 390 (mm)

Aviation carton size: 470 * 470 * 470 (mm)

18 kg gross weight:

The performance characteristics of

Stroboscopic: monolithic, 0.3-13 times/SEC adjustable ultra-high speed stroboscopic effect.

Prism: eight prism, a reversible variable rotation effect.

Beam Angle: 0 ° - 4 °

Reflective optical system: adopting efficient quartz bowl, coated antireflection coating。

Focus: linear zoom lens, clear distance is adjustable.

Color plate: seven color + white light, the bidirectional variable rotation, rainbow effect, panchromatic and half color walk two modes switching effect.

Pattern plate: 7 + white light design, can double positive and negative rotate speed variable speed jitter, water effect。

Protection: two convection fan cooling, internal optimization wind road design, all intelligent temperature overheat and anti-interference electronic circuit protection, heat dissipation fully reliable.

Safety standard: in accordance with the CE standard and GB7000.15-2000 standard, IP20 protection level of protection, the power cord CE20/22 standard.

Shell: the streamlined ABS flame retardant, high temperature resistant engineering plastics.

X: 540 degrees, 8/16 bit resolution, built-in photoelectric automatic error correction function.

Y: 270 degrees, 8/16 bit resolution, built-in photoelectric automatic error correction function。

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